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Updates 7/24/2018: Bulk Pricing, Erasing Purchase Orders, etc.

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    Brennan Zelener

Today we've added some new features and bug fixes to WholeCell:

  • Bulk Pricing (list price)
  • Erase purchase orders
  • Order pricing in bulk
  • Improvements and bug fixes

Bulk List Pricing

Bulk Pricing now allows you to set your wholesale list price (the price shown to customers in public reports and on our for_sale widget) in bulk by your choice of model groupings.

For example, you can choose to only group by Manufacturer and Model and set all of your functional Apple iPhone 7 at a specific price, let's say $275. Now all of your functional iPhone 7 (whether AT&T or Verizon, 16GB or 64GB, Black or Silver) will be $275 in one click. If you want to get more specific, you can choose to group by Network, Capacity, or Color (or by all three!) and you'll be able to adjust the prices for each category

These new input boxes on the pricing page will show a loading bar while the price is being saved. Hitting Tab on your keyboard will skip between the inputs like on a spreadsheet.

Be careful with bulk pricing. Setting the price for a broad variety of devices will overwrite any more specific prices you'd set before

Erase Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders can be erased now (hooray!). Just click on the more button when viewing a Purchase Order and choose delete. Remember, this will delete all inventories on the PO.

Order Pricing in Bulk

The ability to bulk-price devices on an order is back by popular demand! Click on the $ button on an order to set the sale price of device groups.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

A few clean-ups and bug fixes have been applied to improve WholeCell's speed and reliability. The major ones of note in this update are:

  • Settings page interface clean-up
  • Fixed table quantity counts on All Inventories page

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