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Takeaways from MWC'19

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    Brennan Zelener

Harry and I had a great time at Mobile World Congress in LA this year. We focused on meeting with existing WholeCell customers and asking "what are the top 3 things you want to see in WholeCell?"

We try to organize our development roadmap with priority on features that can have the greatest impact across our customer base. At MWC there was a common pattern of features that many customers were asking for. Here are the top 3:

1. Import from testing software

It's universally requested loud-and-clear. WholeCell customers want an easy way to import their test result data from the diagnostic software they use. Diagnostic software produces a report with all of a device's model and functional condition information. Currently our users are importing this data manually which takes tremendous time. It's clear to us now that any improvement here will save time for many WholeCell customers.

2. SKUs

Second in line come SKUs (stock keeping units). SKUs are used universally in the inventory world to keep track of products and product variations. Since WholeCell focuses on serialized devices and their attributes, we originally believed that this might save our users from the perils of SKUs. It turns out that SKUs are vital for users to be able to export their inventory information to other platforms like e-commerce, and they're also very helpful for counting and sorting inventory operations in a larger business.

3. E-Commerce Integrations

While WholeCell's early customer group was primarily focused on wholesale selling, more and more new customers are selling on e-commerce platforms. The manual time involved to sync available inventory quantities with an e-commerce platform, and then bring orders from that platform back into WholeCell are not negligible. We hear you, and we're excited about how much time you'll be able to save with new features in this area that we're working on.

We also decided to do some customer interviews at MWC'19. You can see these now on our Customer Stories page. Here's our interview with Oday Alyatim from CommSell.

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