Wholesale Distributors

Major device wholesalers rely on WholeCell

Improving Operations

"Every team member at CommSell uses WholeCell. My refurbishers use it to track device grades. I use it to see what we've received from our suppliers -- as specific as what color the devices are. I can instantly see 'Did I expect a black device and receive a rose gold one instead? Am I now missing a black one?' Those are not questions you want answered a month later."

Oday Alyatim, Operations Manager

| www.commsell.com

From Spreadsheets to WholeCell

"For about two years we were tracking our inventory on spreadsheets and we knew there had to be a better way. With WholeCell I can click on a serial number and see a phones's entire history and all of our notes. Maybe something went wrong with the phone, maybe it got returned, etc. It makes it a lot easier for everybody to stay on the same page."

Rico Jimenez, President & CEO

| www.jagwire.net

Using Analytics

"WholeCell gives me the analytics for each order and each vendor. The specific analytics for that kind of stuff is priceless. Before if I was buying phones from a company, I had no idea how much money I was making specifically from them. I only knew the overall revenue and profit for my business."

Daniel Atias, Founder

| www.dannywireless.com

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