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Latest Updates

July 27, 2022
Added Swappa Auto Listing Import

July 7, 2022
Introducing the B2B Customer Portal: a branded website for your customers with your current stock and order/RMA history

July 5, 2022
Added support for Back Market BackPricer

May 25, 2022
Connect your apps to WholeCell using the API

March 1, 2022
Map Phonecheck data directly to custom inventory fields to automatically import when you add inventory from Phonecheck

February 23, 2022
Now you can add custom inventory fields to track things like Battery Health, Serial Number, Vendor ID, Tester Name, Unlock Code, Software Version, etc...

February 14, 2022
Admin users can now grant Admin permissions (ability to control user access and manage account subscription settings) to other users.

February 14, 2022
Admin users can now erase any note and non-admin users can erase their own notes.

February 7, 2022
Control your user access permissions to prevent PO or Sales Order deletion

February 7, 2022
Now you can delete POs and Sales Orders in bulk, making it much easier to test e-commerce integrations

January 27, 2022
Automatically import your Back Market returns into WholeCell along with their support conversation history and return labels

January 2, 2022
WholeCell can now auto-validate your Back Market orders

October 4, 2021
Search for any inventory, PO, or Sales Order from any page in WholeCell using the new sitewide search bar

August 30, 2021
Upload your inventory photos to WholeCell just by scanning a QR code

August 26, 2021
Easily find multiple items in your inventory by copy/pasting a group of ESNs into the new search bar on the All Inventory page

August 26, 2021
See the date your inventory status was last changed on Inventory Reports

August 25, 2021
Audit your inventory by status, warehouse, or location with the latest update to Scan Reports

August 22, 2021
Committing items to your Back Market orders in WholeCell will export the item's IMEI automatically for single-item orders

August 10, 2021
Filter your inventory reports by the date an inventory item was added to WholeCell

July 1, 2021
Sync your inventory and orders with eBay

May 10, 2021
Sync your inventory and orders with Back Market

March 20, 2021
Status colors on Order statuses

March 10, 2021
Customer RMA Update

January 28, 2021
The Swappa Integration

January 25, 2021
Create automations that update your order statuses when certain events are triggered