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Demo: Sync Swappa, eBay, Back Market, and more

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    Brennan Zelener

In our latest demo I show how WholeCell's ecommerce integrations keep your inventory synced on Swappa, Back Market, eBay, and other marketplaces through Sellbrite.

Once you have these integrations enabled and you've set-up your SKUs, WholeCell will keep your channel listings updated every few minutes with the correct available quantities. It will also import new orders, and update the channels with correct shipping information and IMEIs (if applicable) once you've fulfilled and shipped the orders.

Setting this up allows you to sell more inventory (by cross-listing on all of the top ecommerce channels) without worrying about overselling. You can manage your inventory in WholeCell and all of your listings/orders will be updated automatically. In other words, a reseller's dream.

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