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Use CopyTables to capture online tables (like a wizard)

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    Brennan Zelener

As a phone wholesaler you're looking at tables and excel spreadsheets all day long. There's a table on almost every page in WholeCell, and we know you want to take that information and use it in other places.

Adding CopyTables (for free) to Chrome lets you copy and paste specific cells or columns from any online table into Excel, Google Sheets, Numbers, or whatever app you use to edit your spreadsheets. It's insanely helpful for copying IMEIs or unique IDs. It also gives you a live summary of common math functions like SUM, AVERAGE, MIN, and MAX so you don't have to move the data elsewhere to calculate. We use these constantly with pricing.

You can add CopyTables to Chrome from the Chrome Web Store or from the CopyTables website.

I made a quick video of using CopyTables to grab pricing and IMEI information in WholeCell. Check it out below:

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